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AU blog for Jack Frost from ROTG. Willing to rp with anyone.

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Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): if Tooth caught him singing he'd just stop and stare at her and tell her "You heard nothing"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "Not a word"
the-tooth-fairy: Hahaha.
the-tooth-fairy: Tooth would prolly just grin knowingly at him, flop on the couch, and probably agree on the terms that he keeps singing.
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): kdlgjkdh
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): Jack would stand there awkwardly, kind of glancing at whatever is playing music and back at Tooth, run a hand through his hair. "I'unno...."
the-tooth-fairy: "Can you pass me my phone? I need to text Bunny." :)
the-tooth-fairy: Probably wearing Jack's infamous shit-eating-grin too.
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): lkfjdlhj
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "..... You are a horrible person, I hope you know that. Blackmailing a poor soul for your own amusement."
the-tooth-fairy: "I'm sure you'll find a way to get over it, Princess~!"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "Ha ha ha. Funny. I'll sing if you sing."
the-tooth-fairy: "I wasn't aware you wanted to go deaf before you were 20."
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "Can't be that bad."
the-tooth-fairy: "Last time I sang, Sandy walked out of the garage."
the-tooth-fairy: Probably unrelated
the-tooth-fairy: xD
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): XD
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): probably
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "I'll believe that when I see it. Come on. Sing."
the-tooth-fairy: "Hey, when did this become about me?"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "When you insisted you're a horrible singer"
the-tooth-fairy: "But... I am!"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "Mmmnope. Not beloeving that."
the-tooth-fairy: "Fine, but seriously... Stop me before you go deaf, okay?"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "Promise."
the-tooth-fairy: She'd prolly sing something by P!nk since she had that kind of raw voice Tooth seems to have in parts of the film. Raw and pretty.
the-tooth-fairy: Maybe Perfect, Try or Who Knew
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): *whispers* I really like P!nk
the-tooth-fairy: P!nk is one of my favorites.
the-tooth-fairy: She'd prolly sing like... Try.
the-tooth-fairy: Or Glitter in the Air.
the-tooth-fairy: And be really shy about it
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): b'aww
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): XD
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): Jack would just put one hand on his hip and listen with a small smirk on his face and once she was done he'd tell her, "Not bad, not bad."
the-tooth-fairy: "It was too, Jack."
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "It was not."
the-tooth-fairy: "Yeah, well what about you? I thought the whole point of this was for you to sing?"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "You already heard me sing."
the-tooth-fairy: "Hey, that wasn't our deal!"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "yeah, but the song I was singing is over. Whoops~"
the-tooth-fairy: "... Give me my phone."
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "....No."
the-tooth-fairy: "-Chucks a pillow at Jack-"
the-tooth-fairy: "Fine, I'll get it myself. -Gets up-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "I don't think so. *moves towards her*"
the-tooth-fairy: ".... -Moves towards her phone-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "... *lunges forward to try to pick her up*"
the-tooth-fairy: "Holy sh- No! -Squeals and squirms-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "*grins and carries her back over to the couch* Keep squirming and I'll drop you"
the-tooth-fairy: "-Squirms anyway- Jack, put me down!"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "*drops her on the couch and flops on top of her* Now look at you did! *starts tickling her*"
the-tooth-fairy: "-Yelps shoves at his shoulder- You're heavy! No, don't tick- stooop! -Giggling and stuff-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "*grins* Stop what? *keeps tickling*"
the-tooth-fairy: "You know what! That's not f- Jack! St-stop! -Tries to wiggle out from under him-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "All's fair in love and war~ *wraps an arm around her, gives a sloppy kiss on her cheek*"
the-tooth-fairy: "-Pants for air and makes a face- You just slimed me, you butthead!"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "I fail to see how that's a problem."
the-tooth-fairy: "-Shoves at his face lightly- You brat."
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "*licks her hand*"
the-tooth-fairy: "Jack! -Wipes it on his neck and tries to squirm away again-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "What? *pulls her closer and snuggles*"
the-tooth-fairy: "I give up.. -sighs and rests in his arms in defeat-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "*smiles* Good decision."
the-tooth-fairy: "Mmm, shut up. -Tangles her legs with his-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "No, don't think I will. *kisses*"
the-tooth-fairy: "-Returns the kiss- You never do, do you? -Snuggles close and curls her arms around his middle-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "I'm going to take that as a compliment."
the-tooth-fairy: "I wouldn't expect you to take it any other way. -Rubs his back idly-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "*makes a pleased sound, rests his forehead against hers* Good."
the-tooth-fairy: "-Takes advantage of the position to lick his cheek- Payback!"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "*jerks his head back* AUGH. TOOTH. *rubs his cheek on his shoulder*"
the-tooth-fairy: "-Sticks her tongue out at him- You deserved it!"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "We were having a moment!"
the-tooth-fairy: "All is fair~!"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "If we're playing this game... *blows a raspberry on her cheek*"
the-tooth-fairy: "-Makes a muffled squealing sound- Oh, gross! C'mon, we were even!"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "*grins* What're you going to do about it?"
the-tooth-fairy: "-Stares- You forget, I know your weaknesses, Jack Frost."
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "Really."
the-tooth-fairy: "-Smiles- I could paint your baby. There is this lovely shade of magenta I've been dying to use. And we have several yards of interior purple shag."
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "Going for a guy's car is going too far."
the-tooth-fairy: "Bunny could always find out about the singing. By complete accident, of course!"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "If you tell Bunny about my singing I'll plan a group karaoke night."
the-tooth-fairy: "You'd never show up."
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "So?"
the-tooth-fairy: "I guess, really, the only thing left for me to do is this~ -drags her fingers up Jack's back-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "*makes the pleased sound again, closes his eyes* Cheap shot."
the-tooth-fairy: "Mmm, maybe you're right. I probably should just stick to this. -Strokes his hair fondly-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "*pulls her closer against him* If i didn't know any better I'd say you're a horrible tempress."
the-tooth-fairy: "-Presses her face into the crook of his neck- Or just really good at payback. -Presses little kisses there-"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "I think this slipped past payback."
crying im sorry im horrible at this
the-tooth-fairy: No you aren't!
the-tooth-fairy: "Mmm, well, go big or go home, right?"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): yes i am
"*smirks* So which are you aiming for?"
the-tooth-fairy: Are not.
the-tooth-fairy: "Mm, when I go, I go big."
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "Heh. I shouldn't be surprised."
the-tooth-fairy: "So... can we call it even yet?"
Rai (walmartcashierjackfrost): "Mmm, nope. You gotta keep this up for a while longer."